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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Slideshow: Move Over Ethanol, Market Forces Favor CNG

The US government has spent billions in the elusive search for a "fuel of the future," that would be cheap, clean, and made in America. At the same time, it has given little attention to an off-the-shelf alternative, compressed natural gas (CNG), which is all of the above. This slideshow looks at the market forces that favor CNG and the barriers to its wider use.

Keywords: Energy, natural gas, CNG, elasticity, regulation.

1 comment:

  1. Kudos for your presentation here, for as an retired world-class helicopter driver, with 28-years involved in the search for such assets; I’ve been witness to, and participant in discovery and production of much of it, albeit; the subject-matter’s greatest detraction, is its very advantages – as has come to be the “rule of law” in this nation’s M.O., with an illegal alien White House squatter, using the Oval Office to decimate the greatest de jure state of governance in the history of Mankind, aided & abetted by legislative “leadership” who keep giving morons a bad name!!!

    God willing; His Son shall soon be back to cancel the lease, and square-away this diabolical nightmare!!!

    God Speed,
    YoPal Hal